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Thanks for giving my blog the once-over!
My name is Lisa Herrington and I am a writer.  I have spent my entire professional career in sales with Business to Business and Medical sales as my specialties.  Most people would agree that I am a “people person.”
Ironically, I did not embrace the social side of the Internet and have put quite a bit of resistance up whenever asked to join any social networking sites.  Could not meeting someone face-to-face be social?
Suddenly I found myself on the outside looking in!  Practically with my nose pressed up against the glass.  Although, I truly wanted to jump in, I kept testing the water and shivering with nerves.
It seemed the things that I liked and wanted to do were all so very personal; blogs, websites, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.  The truth is that the really good ones to me are personal. 
That is, in order to keep my attention, a blogger, writer, picture taker, had to share a bit about themselves for it to seem genuine.  Above and beyond anything, I want to be genuine.  It all is just a bit scary for me. Me.  The girl who has sold business services in the scariest areas of New Orleans!  Given presentations in FEMA trailers after Hurricane Katrina!  Witnessed countless surgeries in countless hospitals in order to sell a surgical device…albeit a useful device…but still.
It has taken me a year to get over my anxious behavior with social networking.  I swear I am over it… and that is the story I will repeat, again and again, until it is really true!
After all, I love to read and even more, love to write.  I love meeting and talking to other writers and learning the exciting, challenging, sometimes mystical world of publishing.  If I can help anyone else through my experience or lack thereof, then all of this is worth it.

You can contact me at the following email address: lisadherrington (at) gmail (dot) com
Thanks for participating.

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